SPRING SALE LibasDesigns.com 


Whoelsae FAQ:

Q: I am interested in selling your product line but not sure if you wholesale to retailers.

A:¬ Yes, we wholesale to home based, small and large volume retail store, boutiques and online retailers.¬ We are direct manufacturer of many products are able to cut middleman costs. We provide proven product line at lowest price. You will benefit with our extensive resources in Indian and other Asian countries.

Q: Do you drop ship or consignment?

A: No we do not. We rotate our product fast and¬ con not occupy inventories for drop ship of consignment.

Q: Will you export¬ outside the United States?

A: Yes we can export to¬ Europe, South Americas, Canada, Aistralia and Asia. We ship FOB New Jersey. Customers are responsible for taxes, custom clearance and duties. All export payment must be paid via certified check or via wire transfer.

Q: Do I need resale certificate/licence to purchase at wholesale prices? What are your wholesale prices.

A: Yes we do require relsale license/certificate. Wholesale prices depend on order volume, repeat order and annual projected volume. To obtain wholesale price quotation please email to info@libasdesign.com with following information:

  • Company Name, Contact name, Address, Telephone number, email address,
  • Tax ID (We may ask copy of resale license)
  • Nature of business, annual volume, website address
  • Order size, repeat order frequency and annual projected volume
  • List all products from our website you are interested in purchasing from us¬ ¬ ¬ ¬ ¬